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Yellow Pages® is calling for budding photographers across Australia to shoot its next covers and gain valuable exposure in the process.

Following a successful first year in 2012, Yellow Pages®’ Capture The Cover photographic competition is back, once again giving locals in Australia’s major capital cities the chance to have a say in the images that represent their community on the cover of their local phone book and showcase their work to thousands.

Judged by leading photographers Steve Parish, Steve Fraser, Mark Lobo, Mark Kimber and Penelope Beveridge, Capture The Cover asks residents in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to upload original photographs showcasing a hidden gem in their community for the chance to win a share in more than $60,000 prizes.

A total of eight images will appear on each of the 36 covers across the cities, which will reflect the theme Only Locals Know.

Last year, amateur photographers, iPhoneographers and locals with point-and-shoot cameras were among more than 350 winners across Australia to have their photos featured on a Yellow Pages® cover.

Past winner Lina Hayes said the selection of her image for the Hills Shire & Upper North Shore Region cover in Sydney had boosted not only her confidence, but also interest in her work.

Studying sport science at the time of her selection, Lina was also trying to crack the photography industry.

“Photography was a strong interest when I entered Capture the Cover, but since winning it has become an obsession. I’ve found I’ve been booking a bit of freelance work from the word-of-mouth and I have some weddings lined up to shoot later in the year, as well as engagement shoots and commercial jobs,” she said.

“I did finish my degree in sports science but I’m hoping to continue my freelance photography. Capture the Cover has definitely given me more confidence to pursue photography and an extra push to succeed in the industry.”

Sensis Marketing Specialist Beth Kyle said the outstanding response and positive feedback on the covers last year had secured Capture The Cover’s future for another year.

“We were overwhelmed by the amateur photographic talent in Australia last year as well as the enthusiasm locals showed for their community through their shots,” Ms Kyle said.

“We had a lot of excited winners who were delighted to see their work in print and blown away by the thought of how many others in their community would see their winning photo throughout the year.”

Perth judge photographer Steve Fraser said this year’s competition will aim to celebrate little-known local spots on each cover under the theme Only Locals Know.

“It might be a favourite quiet place, the best spot to watch the sunset, a hidden piece of graffiti or even the tastiest coffee only locals know about,” Mr Fraser said.

“For me, a winning entry is always one that communicates a feeling – a great shot goes beyond technical composition. I’d tell entrants not to be afraid of taking lots of photos – the more you shoot, the more you can potentially capture.”

To enter, metro residents are encouraged to take a photo of the best kept secret in their community and upload it to www.CaptureTheCover.com for their snap to be considered for one of eight spots on each cover. By doing so, entrants go in the running to win $1000 cash or seven $100 cash prizes up for grabs on each cover.

Locals who like snapping shots on their smart phone can also enter via Instagram by tagging their photo #CaptureTheCover and @Yellow_Au.

With Yellow Pages® now divided into 36 metro regions across Australia, the books are more local than ever – but not only thanks to the covers – they also contain the contacts locals need in both their community and their city.

Cooking With Soy  by Yoshiko Takeuchi

Reading through the recipes and testing some of the dishes,  I love the easy approach to cooking Yoshiko has delivered.  This cookbook shows you how to create the most delicious dishes with tofu plus using other soy products.  The recipes offer delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as desserts and snacks using the full range of soy products such as miso, edamame, tempeh, aburaage which is a deep fried tofu and okara a soy pulp. 

Great food photos throughout and lots of cooking tips and step by step instructions.
With Soy is not just for those who are already inspired by the healthy side of soy and cooking with soy products; this book will sway any non-believer or 'tofu hater' (as author Yoshiko puts it best) to experiment with the recipes and learn the true joy of this wonderful product.

We recommend Yoshiko's easy to follow recipes and will inspire you to add soy into your diet that will appeal to everyone who wants a healthy gluten free alternative in the weekly food plan.  Also great for those individuals with looking for egg-free dishes.

Cooking with soy is available from all good bookstores in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.  Alternatively if you would like a copy directly from Yoshiko now, it’s easy; just email her at books@healthysoycooking.com now.

About Yoshiko Takeuchi

Yoshiko learned cooking from many sources including a culinary school in Japan and while working in an eclectic range of restaurants ranging from the traditional to 3 hat level, including Japanese, Italian, Indian, African, Modern Australian and Greek. She also helped a reputable healthy detox and gluten free catering company in Sydney, Australia. Yoshiko has incorporated all her year's of knowledge into her new soy recipes.

Rena Patten author of Cooking with Quinoa
Sean and I recently ventured out in a thunderstorm on a mission to buy food for a party of 40 people.  We had prepared a long list of foods to include in our Hawaiian style celebration, so decided it was best to buy in bulk at Costco's Auburn.    I think everyone in Sydney had the same idea that day,  parking was full and all the double sized shopping trolleys were gone, hmm great start to the day.   At the store's entrance there were enormous lines of families, standing patiently to buy snacks of over-sized pizzas slices dripping with cheese, something that looked like hot dogs and a few other rather unhealthy fast food selections.   Now as renewed  self-confessed health food snobs, fast food was no longer for us, we had again started our exercise and healthy diet - we were beyond such offerings.  We quickly rushed past  the smell of oven baked pizza and churros covered in melted chocolate.  Armed with our food list, we had designed our party to include a selection of healthy dishes (except for the croquembouche and massive vanilla cake made from double cream, butter plus 12 eggs  then finally covered in fondant and food art all over it).  While dodging around people we spotted Rena surrounded by a sunny oasis of cookbooks loaded with her new recipes using the supergrain quinoa.  To us it was manna from the universe and a reprieve from shopping.  Here in front of us was a table full of our favorite subjects food, health, imaginative cooking and food photography.  Forget the crowd for an hour lets talk to Rena, find out more about quinoa and buy her book. 

(NB One of her recipes from the book "prawn and avocado salad" was served to our party guests and received with a great success.)

Rena's has written two cookbooks which offer a wide range of quinoa recipes for every day dishes.  The  "Cooking with Quinoa" and "Quinoa for Families", cookbooks are great for anyone seeking a healthy alternative with lots of taste and Rena unveils the mystery of this ancient grain.

Also known as "the mother grain" this ancient super grain was used by the Inca, its been around for over 5,000 years and in the last decade gained acceptance in Western diets due to its amazing health qualities.   We know many people (ourselves included) who initial trial of quinoa  was a breakfast alternative, which in our opinion is not the most exciting way to eat this super food.  If this is the only introduction to quinoa it's a tad boring and  you will miss out on great healthy meal alternatives with wonderful tastes.  To be honest, this is how we first ate quinoa like stoddy porridge so our half opened packet was placed in a plastic container, shoved to the back of the pantry and left there until those mighty weevels,  conquered our airtight container and all was thrown away. 

Found originally and native to the Andes mountains in South America, quinoa is always referred to as a grain, in fact it's the seed of a leafy plant called Chenopodium quinoa and distantly related to the spinach plant.  Quinoa contains more protein than any grain and has a high content of the amino acid lysine (essential in our diet for tissue repair and growth).  It is a very good source of maganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, vitamin E and B6, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine.  The calcium content in quinoa is more than cow's milk and it's an excellent antioxidant.  Rich is dietary fibre and has more iron than any other grain, as well as low Glycemic Index level, as you can see truly enormous health benefits. 

Highly recommend Rena's cookbooks for those looking to lose weight, want a low GI diet or add a super food to your diet try quinoa, its delicious when cooked right.

A couple of our favorite quinoa recipes from the book were "spinach, mushroom and chickpea curry", just delicious, "cream of lettuce soup" and the "herb bread". 

Check out Rena's website http://www.renapatten.com/

Review by Penelope Beveridge

About the Author

Living for the last 28 years in Cherrybrook, Rena Patten has written her book Quinoa Grain Cookbook to raise awareness of the versatility and health benefits of the many uses of Quinoa in everyday meals and the fact that it is a food that can be enjoyed by everyone including people with gluten and wheat intolerances. Rena has some 20 years cooking experience as a recipe developer; held cooking classes on Mediterranean cooking; and assisted Geoff Janz and Lyndey Milan in cooking demonstrations. Rena is an established author having previously published Greek Cooking and How to Prepare Stuffings.
Review by Penelope Beveridge


    Penelope Beveridge pro photographer and food styling has been published in numerous magazines, books and advertising worldwide, awarded numerous photography awards including 36 awards from the International Photography Awards New York since 2008, Vice President of the Australian Commercial and Media Photography Association. 

    Sean Beveridge  career has been entrenched in software development and information technology.  He has worked with some extraordinary and talented people, and  enjoyed many successes through a number of successful start-ups and am now working for one of the largest IT companies in the world.  What Sean brings to the table is an intense passion for cooking and exploring new ideas,  a self confessed foodie, fine diner, lover of fine wines and beers , an adventure traveler and delicious food writer. 


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